Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is so simple….,

We believe in positivity, happiness & laughter

We believe in giving and sharing

We believe in inspiration by and from others

We believe in treat others as you want to be treated yourself

We believe that our customers are in fact our partners and that giving comes before taking. We believe in equality and if we grant each other the best things in business and life it will also flow our way back and forward.

Although we believe in this picture perfect, we have both feet on the ground and know we are also just humans with sometimes a shitty mood and a bad hair daygrin and bear it!

Not just words….since our take-off in 2006

State of Brands has always recycled cardboard boxes, we even get help from our customers whom lay aside all the cardboard boxes they receive and give it to us!

State of Brands has always recycled all plastic ring zip-lock bags, we re-use, re-use and re-use them.

State of Brands has solar panels since 2012 and the office is around energy-neutral.

Since 2015 State of Brands gives no promotional gifts at the end of the year to its customers, instead we give a donation to a charity.

Since 2018 State of Brands donated 5% of the buying price of each sold bikini to a charity.

We do our best to be a part of the bigger solution!

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