With passion we design, produce,
distribute, sell & market our brands
Charmin's Jewelry


Rings are on our mind. We make our own choices: be authentic & invincible. Embrace change! Designed in the Netherlands. Made of copper, stainless steel and silver.

Ohlala! rings and bracelets


An Ohlala! ring is a piece of fine architecture, designed to enhance your character, strength & style.
Designed to accentuate your personality.

Lovely Amsterdam scarfs

Lovely Amsterdam

Lovely Amsterdam designs beautiful scarfs with much love and passion.
Pure comfort & luxurious scarfs which stand out in material, design, color and size.

BOHO Bikini's

BOHO Bikini's

A bohemian, mix and match collection of dazzling swimwear in nice colors with beautiful statement stones.

Mix and match your bikini!

Charmin's Kidz

Charmin's Kidz

Kidz rings of sterling 925 silver. Made with love by hand with fair labour.

Create memories by giving kidz rings to the ones we love most.

Lady Lou Jewelry

Lady Lou

Lady Lou provides fine and light sterling 925 silver necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

Designed for all women with a young and fashion heart.

B&L Bracelets for men and women

B&L Bracelets

Stainless steel 316L bracelets for men and women. We want to go where things happen on a great scale.
Our individuality is what divides us from the rest.



This cool Greek brand breathes summer.

Eye-catching dresses, tunics, hats and scarves in rich and light fabrics with a soft feel.

Beau Republic Accessories

Beau Republic

Ibiza style colorful accessories. Be your own bohemian girl with our hippie fashion statements: bracelets, rings, necklaces and more.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrow Tattoo

Is it a tattoo? Is it jewelry?

Who cares, we just love these old-school tattoo with a shiny, bold look.

BOHO men and kidz


The spin-off of our successful BOHO Bikini brand.

Bohemian bikini’s and shorts for men, boys and girls.

No.3 Jewelry

No. 3

Bracelets, rings and necklaces. Unique statement pieces with a fashionable look. Handmade in Spain with the best leather in Europe.